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Stansborough Wool Blanket Scarf
Stansborough Wool Blanket Scarf
Stansborough Wool Blanket Scarf
Stansborough Wool Blanket Scarf

Stansborough Wool Blanket Scarf

CAD $293.80

100% Stansborough Grey Wool
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Stansborough Wool Blanket Scarf

This collaboration between Stansborough and Karen Walker exclusively uses wool from a flock of rare Stansborough Grey sheep based on a small, family-run Wairarapa farm. The Stansborough Grey is a unique breed which creates a lustrous blue grey fleece. This small flock, of just 1200, are the only flock in the world though the Stansborough Grey’s roots reach all the way to an island off the coast of Sweden where their strong, quick-drying fleece, when spun fine, was used by Viking for sails.

The flock is shorn only twice a year and a highly skilled team spin it fine worsted and comb it to enhance its natural lustre. The wool’s natural colours, dark, mid and silver-grey, are untouched and as they were on the sheep’s back. The only dye used is natural, eco-friendly black for a smart contrasting stripe.

Once spun, an incredibly skilled weaver turns the worsted yarn into our blanket using a loom that’s over 120 years old, while the final touches are completed by expert hands. Stansborough’s operations utilize 6 of these historic looms, some of the earliest mechanical looms ever designed, and the rare few still in operation today.

This delightfully soft blanket drapes beautifully and has generous fringing at both ends. Its softness and large size means it’s perfect for fireside comfort, couch cosiness or as a fabulous wrap with any outfit.

Dimensions: 160cm x 142.5cm
Fringing: 18cm

Style code: 90088